• 28.10.2014 - Auction of used items
  • 24.9.2014 - Auction of used items
  • 15.9.2014 - Unclaimed items at STO Service Centre
  • 14.9.2014 - Auction of used items
  • 25.8.2014 - Change to STO's Board of Directors
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  • Tender - Construction Showroom Renovation; Area
  • Tender - Procuring wheat flour; Area
  • Tender - Airconditioning at Hulumale and STO Homeimprovement; Area
  • Tender - Uploading at fuvahmulah; Area
  • Tender - Airconditioning Fuvahmulah shop; Area
  • Tender - Procuring Crystle White Sugar; Area
  • Tender - Shipping Service in Malé Area
  • Tender - Supply and Delivery of Barge and Tugboat
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  • STO Fuel DC: Assistant Manager Or Manager
  • STO Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi Shop: Watcher
  • STO Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi Shop: Assistant Sales Rep
  • STO Ha.Hoarafushi Shop: Labourer
  • STO Fuel Funadhoo: cook
  • STO Regional Sales: Senior Officer
  • STO Fuvamulah: Senior Sales Rep
  • STO Medical Service: Pharmacist
  • STO Staple Food Warehouse: Foreman
  • STO Medical Service: Officer
  • STO Medical Warehouse: Sales Rep
  • STO Medical Service: Officer
  • STO Call Center: Telephone Operator
  • STO Pharmacies: Vacancies
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STO Head Office Decorated for Independence Day

STO's MD Meets MD of Hitachi Home Electronics Asia

Mr. Hiroki Nakano, Managing Director of Hitachi Home Electronics Asia is currently on official visit to the Maldives.

Today he met STO's Managing Director Mr. Adam Azim at STO head office. Mr. Nakano is scheduled to officially
launch new Hitachi products in the Maldives at Hitachi Eco Exhibition that runs from 27th to 29th April.»

'Light It Up Blue' at STO Head Office

Every year since 2012, STO has honoured the World Autism Awareness Day by lighting up its head office
in blue on the night of 2nd April. Employees showed their support by wearing blue to work.»