News and Events

  • 2.4.2014 - 'Light It Up Blue' at STO Head Office
  • 9.2.2014 - Chocolate Week launches at STO Supermart
  • 8.1.2014 - STO Launches "Save MVR50 Million 2014" and "Saafu STO"
  • 29.12.2013 - STO marks National Unity Day 2013
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  • Tender - Renovatoin of STO Shop No.123 (S.Feydhoo)
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  • STO Home Improvement: Officer, Sales Reps
  • STO Supermat: Sales Rep., Sales Assistants
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'Light It Up Blue' at STO Head Office

Every year since 2012, STO has honoured the World Autism Awareness Day by lighting up its head office
in blue on the night of 2nd April. Employees showed their supported by wearing blue to work.»

Chocolate Week Launches at STO Supermart

STO Supermart today launched this year's Chocolate Week at a function held at the store. STO's Managing Director

Adam Azim opened the week-long promotion. Chocolate week is one of the most popular annual promotions of
STO Supermart and features free tasting, free gifts and lucky draw with valuable prizes.»

STO Launches "Save MVR50 Million 2014" and "Saafu STO"

In an event held at its Head Office this morning STO launched 2 important corporate campaigns.

Save MVR 50 Million 2014 is targeted to reduce operational costs in the year 2014 by at least 50 million Rufiyaa
and Saafu STO aims to promote a pleasant work environment and efficient utilization of resources.»

STO Marks National Unity Day 2013

In memorial of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that claimed the lives of 82 people and left 26 missing,

State Trading Organization plc joined the nation in observing a moment of silence at 9:20am
on 26 December 2014. STO also took part in the reef cleaning program 2 days later.»